Sunday, 15 September 2013

Top 4 Mistakes You Make When Applying Makeup

dry skinWhen it comes to beauty, there is a small difference between what looks good and what looks bad. As far as the the make-up is concerned, for example, the suitable foundation can transform your face into an image of perfection, but an unsuitable tone can turn your make-up into a disaster. You will find below the most frequent make- up catastrophes to be avoided.
1. Applying the  make-up on a dry skin

The foundation needs a smooth surface in order to be applied evenly. On the contrary, if applied on a dry skin, the foundation can look cracked and tarnished, according to the

In order to even out the surface of the skin, use a delicate scrub to eliminate the dead cells. Apply a moisturizer lotion or, if you have an extremely dry skin, use moisturizer oil. You should avoid the make-up based on mineral and zinc powder, because it has a matte control effect which  attracts even more humidity to the skin.

2. The uneven make-up

This aspect refers to everything that you have applied on your face regardless of the foundation, the blush, the eye powder or the eyeliner. Nobody looks good with hard lines on her skin, eyes or lips. Use special brushes or the fingers to easily mix the color on the skin. Do not forget about the line of the jaw, the chin or other areas of the face, which can be less obvious when you look in the mirror.

3. Using too light a concealer

If you want to draw the attention on one thing you make it shine, don`t you? The same holds true for too bright a concealer, which makes the dark circles under your eyes even more obvious.
In order to avoid this, choose a pinkish or peachy concealer in order to avoid the bluish shade of the dark circles under your eyes. The most important, choose a creamy concealer or one easily to be mixed and which suits well with your skin tone.

4. Applying excessively the skin lightening lotion
Who doesn`t like the look of a bright, fresh skin? But next time when you apply a lightening lotion, think twice. If you have an oily or problem complexion, the lightening lotion can emphasize the acne and can make you complexion look glossy.
Use it just for some key areas, such as the upper side of your cheekboners or the nose, and use your fingers in order to even it out.

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