Thursday, 19 September 2013

Give Up Periodically on Makeup in Favor of Natural Beauty

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As in the case of the correct food, where the fasting and the detoxification diets are necessary periodically in order to clean the body of toxins and in the case of the skin maintenance, such alternative cures of “detoxification” are necessary, when the make-up will have to make place to the embellishing natural methods, which maintain a nice and fresh aspect, but without using the modern cosmetic products.

Many of these cosmetics try to fit to the trend of the moment and present themselves through their label as natural products, which bring a plus of health to the complexion and to the skin, but the reality is somehow different, all the cosmetics including in their final formula many other laboratory substances, made to contribute to their lifespan, but which can generate even some side effects on the human body.

A fresh well preserved complexion can be maintained for a day or two without using the make-up, in this concern being recommended that all the time the usual embellishing methods, that include the exfoliation, cleaning and moisturizing the skin once or twice a day, in time noticeable performances being obtained and the make-up could be ignored even for a period of months or even more.

Paradoxically, many women have lived the happy experience to receive compliments especially for their nice aspect the moment they have chosen to give up the make-up, they seem to look younger and more attractive then the moment they hid their face behind the cosmetic tricks. It is a new experience, which makes you wonder if the make-up is not in the end just a fad, which you could as well give up completely as long  as this totally natural look seem to be in your advantage during the periods that allow the complexion to breath less and to recover after the past abuses.

A thing which you shouldn`t completely give up even when the make-up is eliminated from the daily embellishing routine is the use of the protective creams against the solar rays or against the polluting agents, these being also very necessary especially during the warm season, when the radiations and the dust assault more strongly our complexion and skin.

For the best results, a rich alimentation in fresh vegetal products, the increased use of water and the correct rest will noticeably help to a complete recovery of our skin and complexion, in this way being possible for all of us to rediscover our real look, somehow changed by the passing of time, but as familiar to us as at the teenage age, when we gradually started applying one after the other the cosmetic products on our face.

The eyelashes and the eyebrows play an important role for the easy manipulation of the completely natural beauty, here some efforts, for their attentive care with the purpose of obtaining a plus at the symmetry chapter, can be made which will automatically bring a guaranteed plus of beauty. With a little bit of experience, the eyes can be emphasized in this way, the final result being satisfying enough to fully justify the temporal renouncement at the quality cosmetic products.

Moisturizing the skin and the complexion is consequently the only compulsory activity for the day, in this way the complexion is very well hydrated with everything it needs in order to look the best. It is very important not to give up the moisturizing even when the make-up products are excluded, along with the suitable diet and the water consumption and this care measure being able to offer to the skin and to the complexion a fresh, nice and full of brightness look.

Last but not least, the hair and its constant care will enrich your beauty of a natural type with other positive shades, consequently being very well if the recommendations are followed strictly for the daily maintenance of the hair. The hair dye must be chosen in colors as close to your natural color, this being the only way in which the pleasant aspect of the hair is not left aside by a contrasting tone which steals some of the final aspect of your natural beauty.

The make-up can be later on reintroduced in your daily practices, but the passage of a complete month or even more, by such periodical cures of “detoxification” of the complexion being encouraged a more balanced activity of the sebaceous glands and a recovery on totally natural ways of the reserves of substances used by the body for the maintenance and the regeneration of the skin.

The persons with health problems of the acne type and other affections of the complexion will have to use even specific treatments for such problems and, especially in their case, the make-up must be removed from the embellishing daily practices for longer periods of time only in this way can the complexion breathe more relaxed and get better in a little bit faster a rhythm than when a make-up is applied daily with the purpose to hide and not to protect the natural type beauty

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