Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Makeup Products That Can Damage Your Skin

toxic cosmetics products
Despite the growing concern which the important producers on the cosmetics market pay to meet their clients' expectations concerning a healthy and natural offer, one of the ingredients present in these products can be risky for the health, this thing being or not clearly expressed on the label of the products under discussion.

1. The cosmetics for the exfoliation, for example, include in the present in an important part even some natural ingredients very efficient for removing the dead cells, the health  problems could nevertheless appear the moment when the exfoliation creams include particles too tough in their composition, from fruits or seeds, or can injure the skin in an unnoticeable manner during the exfoliation allowing in this way the bacteria to enter more rapidly in depth and to generate all sorts of skin disorders.

2. Other suspicious products are even those that include in their compositions emulsifiers or/end stabilizers, easily to be recognized as they let after the application a slippery layer  of substance which will cover the pores, not allowing the skin to breath naturally and leading in time to an accentuated dryness and dehydration of the skin. These products must be avoided as they are noticeably getting the skin and the complexion older and more degraded. Examples of emulsifiers are the stearates, polysorbates, laboratory esters and the like.
3. Some preservatives in cosmetics can be risky for the hormonal balance of your body and they lead to the installation of the cancer according to some recent medical studies, such as the parabens in different formulations, polyethylene glycol, polyoxyethylene, and other polymers are particularly damaging when the cosmetic products are used in the long term.
4. The mineral oils and their derivates such as the laboratory perfumes dry the skin in an accelerated way and are causing an premature aging, in addition appearing also the risk of autoimmune diseases as a result of diminishing the reaction capacity to the disease of the organism.
5. Dyes and paints, even when obtained from natural sources weaken in time the root of the hairs and can also have an carcinogenic effect. According to the doctors, certain hair dyes can contain some laboratory ingredients which lead to the apparition of some diseases of the neurological type and that`s why their constant usage must be avoided even for short periods of time.

Many other similar ingredients from the modern cosmetic products can be suspicious even for the untrained eye, being for this reason useful to purchase your favorite products just from trustable sources, reading at the same time the label on the product with a lot of attention.

Fortunately, on the cosmetics market, there are even very serious producers, who don`t play with the health of their clients and who are capable to offer to these ones the products that can be used in safety and with increased efficiency, such quality products and also those homemade, prepared after checked recipes being always to prefer to those suspicious that show risks for the health.

With a little bit of research work and a lot of attention when buying, you will find yourself those cosmetic products satisfying for your beauty needs and safe for your health, the experience and even the received advice in your circle of friends as well as the doctor and the stylists recommendations could be useful any time when you hesitate whether to use or not a certain brand of cosmetic products.