Monday, 23 September 2013

Protect Yourself From Wind, Sun And Low Temperatures

During the winter or the summer the environment factors are really damaging especially for our skin, and starting with the lasting drought and the doubled solar explosions things have become even worse, that`s why further protection measures are required in order to maintain both the beauty and the health of our skin.

A good indicator of the prolonged exposure to the environment and pollution factors is always represented by the dry lips, that`s why it is useful to take immediately correct moisturizing measures and protection each time we notice our lips are drier than usually. The increased use of water will not be enough; in addition cosmetics are needed with the purpose of moisturizing both for the complexion, the hands and hair.

The perspiration can also be stimulated through a high consumption of water, a good remedy against the dryness of the skin and the complexion, and for a long term effect, one can use even natural and moisturizing massage oils, warm baths, but not hot, as well as sauna sessions and a lot of physical exercise.

For the skin threatened by the environment factors, periodical exfoliations are the most at hand solutions to protect its health, in this way, the pores being released of all the impurities, and the oxygen and the perspiration can do their job flawlessly. The massages to stimulate the blood flow and a diet rich in vegetables, fruits and spicy spices and poor in fats and sugar will make the rest , the skin look better, even us to smell nicer.

Alongside to the complexion, exposed a lot to the environment factors, the most affected areas are, as always, the hands and the legs, in this regard extra efforts are necessary for the good maintenance of the skin, and this will also involve more often exfoliations, a good moisturizing and the protection of the members against the pollution and the chemical agents. The olive oil and sweet almonds are now our best allies, doing a very good job for a healthy aspect of our hands and legs.

The anti-radiations creams have started to be very tempting and because of the introduction of the natural ingredients in their composition, pretty many cosmetic producers offer first class products , very good even for the protection, but also for a better hydration of the skin. Such cosmetics can be applied with worry even several times a day and it is a joy that things are like that and we no longer have to be afraid of the side effects from this point of view.

From the alimentary point of view , a diet rich in vitamins A,C and E , in minerals such as the zinc , the copper and the folic acid, the healthy fats such as those present in the avocado and the virgin olive oil and the good quality proteins will help the immune system to protect inclusively the skin against the risk factors, and the increased consumption of water will make the rest at superlative.
To avoid the binge eating of any kind and especially the moderate usage of coffee, sugar and processed products can prevent many skin problems, and adequate rest and the usage of healthy humidifiers for the house will help a lot the body to maintain an optimal degree of health.

Last but not least, a suitable clothing does wonders in protecting and stimulating the skin health, and the hats, scarves, sunglasses and, especially, the materials made of a thick fabric such as denim, silk, velvet, and some synthetic materials and, in general, any material that doesn`t allow the light of the sun to pass through its texture will help a lot to a good protection of the skin from radiations and other environment factors.

Paradoxically, not the light materials in color have proven to be better for the protection against the sun, the wind or the cold weather and, on the contrary, those dark in color will make this and that`s why, newly, the serious clothing producers indicate expressly on their labels even data regarding the level of solar protection and of any other type that the products produced by them can offer.

Summing up in an inspired manner all these measures of protection against the wind, the sun and low temperatures, you will succeed to keep your skin at an optimal level of health, in this way you will feel more beautiful and in a better mood throughout the day, and this thing will be entirely your merit as you have understood how important such precautions in harsh conditions are, conditions represented by the pollution and the environment factors nowadays.

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